What Does an Activated Carbon Do to Your Skin? 

Activated charcoal has been one of the popular ingredients when it comes to skincare formula. In fact, a lot of products use this ingredient to use for different parts of the body such as teeth and skin. You will find it in products like toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, scrubs, cleaners, and many more.  

it is believed to draw impurities and bacteria from the skin. This is why charcoal masks are now a thing in the beauty world. Before you use any products, you may want to see some experts like the Rocky Mountain Dermatology before experimenting on different products to your face. 

What is activated charcoal? 

Activated charcoal is also often called activated carbon or active carbon. In cosmetics, it is commonly a fine black powder that is produced when common charcoal is exposed to very high heat. When normal charcoal is exposed to extreme heat, tiny internal spaces are created in the charcoal. These tiny spaces are highly absorbent of toxins and chemicals. In fact, active carbon is not just used in cosmetics but in different industries like medicine, water purification, air purification, agricultural uses, etc.  

In facial masks, activated carbon draws some bacteria, dirt, poisons, and other small particles from your skin. The following are the benefits that a charcoal mask brings to your skin: 

1. It lessens acne 

Acne is commonly developed due to an oily face, bacterial infection, or an accumulation of dead skin cells that are trapped in your skin’s pores. There are bacteria that can trigger pimples and other lesions that may irritate your skin leading to swelling and red marks. 

Because activated carbon has antibacterial properties, it can effectively eliminate bacteria from your pores. This may result in reducing acne on your skin.  

2. It eliminates impurities and other chemicals from your skin 

Most experts believe that activated carbon is capable of removing excess dirt, impurities from your skin because of its ability to draw away toxins in the body. This belief is also backed with personal anecdotes from users. They claimed that active carbon is effective when it comes to removing dirt, oil, and other impurities on the skin, leaving them a cleaner and clearer face. 

3. It can be used to treat insect bites 

According to some narratives, activated carbon can help neutralize the toxins in the insect venom. The venom is what makes the biting sting and itchy. By neutralizing this, it can effectively alleviate the itchiness.  


Activated carbon in cosmetics has a limited amount of research. Generally, moderate use of this material does not cause harm to you and your skin. However, too much exposure to this compound can cause dryness and redness to your skin  

It is recommended that before using a charcoal mask, or any charcoal products, test the product by putting a small amount on a small patch of skin, preferably not on your face. Wait for several minutes for the effects. If you do not experience itchiness or redness in that area, then it is safe to assume that charcoal is compatible with your skin.  

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